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2 Things Everyone Should Know About Kava Tea

2 things everyone should know about kava tea

Do you love drinking herbal tea as much as I do? Perhaps whiling away the quiet hours of a Saturday evening with a good book and a steaming cup of medicinal tea. This is heaven for me, and for many of you avid learners and bookworms, it probably is for you, too.

But, maybe at times, it’s hard for you to quiet your mind enough to really be able to focus on a good book. All the worries of the past and future start creeping in, and you can’t seem to stay in the present moment long enough to fully immerse yourself in the imaginative words on the page (or screen) before you.

If this is you, you’re not alone. We all have wandering minds, and we could all use a little boost when it comes to calming them and disciplining them.

And, this is where a good cup of kava tea comes in. Drinking kava actually calms the mind, allowing you to really enjoy that delicious book, to experience the pleasures of imagination and literature. 

Here are 2 things everyone should know about kava tea, to feel good about drinking it for your health and well being:

1. Kava Tea is Good for Mind and Body

Kava Tea has been used by pacific islanders for generations as a means of relaxation and bonding during social gatherings. Kava is finally making its way to the United States in the form of kava bars.

Unlike drinking alcohol, which creates a lot of toxins in the body and significantly dehydrating, kava tea leaves you well-hydrated, so you you won’t have a headache or hangover like you do when drinking wine, beer or spirits.

2. Kava Tea Isn’t Addictive

Most drinks that mellow us out are highly addictive, but not Kava tea.

Kava doesn’t pull you in like other substances. It’s not habit forming, and you don’t have to drink more of it to feel the kava high after you’ve been drinking it for awhile like you have to do with alcohol. Mother nature is innately intelligent, and so is her kava tea.

So, why not spend a leisurely evening enjoying a steaming cup of kava and that book you've been wanting to read for a while. Sounds like bliss to me! 

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