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A Zen Lesson: Your Mind is a Clear Blue Sky

a zen lesson

Our minds are inherently calm in its most natural state. Our mind is like the bright, blue sky when we're born. It's like a blank canvas for a painting, but instead of paints being spread across the blank canvas, we have thoughts, emotions, feelings, and all that we've experienced on the mental canvas. 

Through guided meditation for anxiety, we can train the mind to realize it's own freedom, it's own inner calm, and bring us back to our natural state—the beautiful, vast canvas of our minds.  

The clear, blue sky of the mind that stretches infinitely into the distance is always there. However, we tend to forget this truth as we get caught up in the inner and outer trials and tribulations of life.

Instead of just a few fluffy clouds in the blue sky of our minds, we get drops of rain. Sometimes, we get pouring rains. Other times, we struggle with overcoming anxiety and there's so much thunder and lightning, so many dark clouds that we can no longer see the bright blue sky that's always present.

Meditation helps us get out of the mental fog. It gives us the power to let go so that we can weather the storms until we finally remember what was there all alongthat bright, blue, beautiful sky. 

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James Davis

James Davis

I spent the first half of my life traveling the world proudly serving as an Officer for the US Navy. As I move away from that chapter of my life, I'm experiencing a transformation of identity and recreating my sense of purpose. It's scary and exhilarating all at the same time.

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