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Craving Calm? Try Kava Candy

kava candy
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Cannabis gummy bears, vodka freeze pops, even LSD-infused Jolly Ranchers; candied consumables are everywhere these days. But for those of us looking for a legal and less mind-altering option, kava candy is a sweet alternative that packs a calming kick. Whether your sweet tooth craves chocolate, hard lozenges, or a more natural homemade option, kava candy is where it’s at.

What Is Best Kind Of Kava Candy?

Kava has been shown to produce a wealth of benefits in a variety of circumstances. Some prefer it for the calm mental alertness it provides at work, and others for its ability to take the edge off of socializing. Unfortunately, sipping on a traditional kava concoction just isn’t practical in most situations. For this reason, lozenge-like hard candy is by far the most popular type of kava candy on the market due to its efficacy and convenience. Perfect for on-the-go use in public, kava lozenges are discreet and easy to transport, store, and consume. Due to sublingual absorption users experience a slight numbness of the tongue accompanied by a subtle euphoria within 15 minutes of eating 1-2 kava candies.

Just How Strong is Kava Candy?

Sedative effects that come with overconsumption of kava might be nice before bed, but not at the office or during a social engagement. An added benefit of taking kava in candy form is that the dosage is easy. Each lozenge contains about 50 mg of kavalactones in addition to lemon balm and chamomile. With such a small serving size, you know exactly how much you’re getting and what to expect. They’re not designed to floor you like many concentrates and brews often do, but if a more heady effect is what you desire, just pop a couple extra. When compared to traditional methods of kava consumption on a 10-point scale, kava hard candies rank as follows:

  • General Potency: 6/10

  • Heady Effects (Cognitive): 7/10

  • Heavy Effects (Physical): 4/10

  • Stress Relief Effects: 9/10

  • Sedative Effects: 4/10


What Are The Other Advantages of Kava Candy?

Other benefits of kava candy include cost, accessibility, and taste. We don’t all have access to a local kava bar or care to learn how to brew kava tea. With a few clicks, however, kava candy can be ordered online for as cheap $3 per 8-tablet pack. The most common flavors are orange and ginger mint. You don’t have to be a kava connoisseur to know that a major complaint of kava is that it tastes like bitter clay. While these hard candies will never be confused for Jolly Ranchers, they’re definitely a huge step up from the poor palatableness of traditional kava. 

Are There Any Downsides To Kava Candy?

While the pros far outweigh the cons, some of the positive aspects of kava candy (dosage, cost, taste) might be perceived as negatives.

  • Dosage: As with all things consumable, everyone is reacts differently. Most people are good to go with 1 to 2 candies, for others it’s 4 to 6. Let’s face it. Sometimes we just want to melt into the couch. At 50 mg of lactones per suggested serving size, you’d have to scarf down an entire box of kava candies to really hit that type of kava high.

  • Cost: Not only is devouring a full package not recommended, but it negates the inexpensive price point. While kava candy is relatively cheap, powdered kava kava root is certainly more cost effective if your aim is to consume larger quantities.

  • Taste: Without a doubt, kava candy tastes better than traditional brew, but it ain’t no Starburst. Flavor options are limited to orange and ginger mint, and the added sweetness comes from sorbitol and xylitol. Such sugar alcohols are often used as zero calorie substitutes for sugar, but it’s safe to say that sweet doesn’t always equate to tasty. Another added ingredient that may deter health-conscious consumers is yellow #5. This chemical, often used as a coloring agent, has been linked to hyperactivity, asthma, migraines, thyroid problems, and even anxiety--what we’re probably trying to avoid in the first place. For those who want a healthier option for the same quick and convenient kava fix, a kava extract or other concentrate is ideal.

What Other Types Of Kava Candy Are There?

If you don’t prefer hard candy, there aren’t many other kava candy options. Though hard to find (even on the interwebs), kava chocolate bars are one possible alternative. This may sound like the perfect match for lovers of cacao. Unfortunately, the chocolate flavor is barely noticeable, yet the unmistakable kava aftertaste is still present. To add, the effects of the kava chocolates are lacking despite boasting 300 mg of lactones per bar. True chocolate enthusiasts are better off making their own kava candy. It’s not hard to find amazing recipes for homemade kava chocolates with simple ingredients like Ghirardelli chocolates and nuts. Whatever you decide, it’s safe to say that kava candy is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional forms of kava.

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