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How to beat anxiety when going back to work?


How to beat anxiety when going back to work

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, people's anxiety levels shot up. Daily reports were coming in about the number of new deaths, there was global chaos and people had to be persuaded to stay inside. And even though this was difficult, we somehow managed to pull through. We slowly became used to our new lives in lockdown and our anxiety began to subside.

But just as we were settling into a new reality and routine the United States government recently announced new measures for lifting the lockdown. Naturally, this has been causing some panic and reports are beginning to surface about how people's mental health is again being affected. Many people are worrying about whether it is safe to go back to work or send their children to school. 

This anxiety is mainly related to uncertainty. We don't know what the future will hold and this can keep us up at night. It can trigger excessive and uncontrollable worrying and it can even lead to physical symptoms, such as shortness of breath and heart palpitations. Going back out into society might trigger or revive past conditions. So how can we beat anxiety when going back to work?

Well, now we have a new all-natural solution for you. It’s called 1Hour Break®, it will change how the world handles anxiety.

Everyday Stress & Anxiety Relief Spray

1hour break

1Hour Break® is a California-based company providing all-natural remedies for anxiety. They’ve spent the last few years perfecting a fast acting, breakthrough sublingual tincture made from highly concentrated extracts of organic Kava Kava, Passion flower, Lemon balm, and Lobelia herbs.

Taking 1Hour Break® to relieve anxiety or panic attacks is simple. Anytime you feel anxious at work, all you do is spray 5 sprays (about 1ml) of 1Hour Break® beneath your tongue, wait ten seconds, and then swallow. Because it is absorbed underneath the tongue, it bypasses the digestive system, so the effects are felt immediately. Kava Kava, sourced from the South Pacific, is the main ingredient and has been proven safe and therapeutic for relieving anxiety. It works by binding onto various receptors in the amygdala that regulate feelings of fear and anxiety, and in turn promotes calmness, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. It’s like getting a perfect rescue inhaler from Mother Nature herself.

1Hour Break® works fast.

1Hour Break1hour break

I had the pleasure of trying 1Hour Break Version 2.0 in Honey flavor. As someone who works with patients, I too suffer from anxiety, I have tried everything available to relieve my symptoms. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects of 1Hour Break®; after just five sprays, I instantly noticed a numbing sensation under my tongue and felt my beating pulse slow down and my mind got that familiar calming sensation associated with Xanax. The numbness lasted about 20 minutes and assured me it was working, and I remained calm and relaxed for well over an hour. I have never used a natural anti-anxiety medication that has worked… ever. So, believe me when I tell you, I went into this a skeptic, but came out beyond satisfied. I’m certain 1Hour Break is effective and can reduce anxiety at work faster than anything you've ever used in the past.

1Hour Break is the perfect all-natural secret weapon, a no-brainer, in fact. Get peace of mind by having a it ready at all times. Imagine for one hour experiencing a strong, uplifting, clear-headed buzz without any anxious side effects. You’ll experience only the positive feelings of returning back to work, and none of the negative.

As a special promotion, 50 lucky people will have a chance to try 1Hour Break® Free on us, just pay shipping. Click HERE to redeem your Free Bottle! ($29 Value) or find it on Amazon Prime.

Missed out? If you’re interested in learning more about 1Hour Break®, visit their website at

Have you tried 1Hour Break® to help ease panic attacks? Let us know on social media or in the comments below. 

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Aimee Hughes, ND

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