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Microdosing mushrooms? Try Microdosing with Kava Instead.

microdosing mushrooms try microdosing with kava instead

Fish oil, kombucha, melatonin, yoga, accupuncture—you name it—Americans are jumping on the alternative healthcare bandwagon. And rightfully so as natural medicine is showing to be even more effective than their synthetic counterpart, and without the nasty side effects. However, there is also a growing trend of microdosing mushrooms (psilocyban), MDMA, and kava as a more regular and consistent form of overcoming anxiety.

Microdosing with kava is a growing solution for people who are looking for a consistent, less intense relaxant that can be incorporated into daily life and not simply reserved for panic attacks or moments of extreme anxiety.


Kava is a plant that has long been used by Pacific Islanders as a way to connect socially during important ceremonial gatherings and milestones. Recently, it has made its way to the states in the form of kava extracts like 1Hour Break.

The appeal of kava is that it reduces anxiety and stress while allowing the user to maintain an unaltered state of mind. This is why it is a common substitute for alcohol in social gatherings for those who wish to take a relaxant that doesn't have side effects or who struggle with alcohol addiction. Beyond relaxing in a social sense, kava can be microdosed throughout the day to reduce anxiety when completing daily tasks. Much like a cup of coffee is used during the day for a daily dose of extra energy, kava can be used to control anxiety levels at work or at home.

If you want to try microdosing with kava, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Start with a low dosage, 1ml of kava extract like 1Hour Break, and see how you feel. It's easier to add more than it is to wait for the kava to leave your system if you take too much. The goal is to feel relaxed without drowsiness so that you can still get work done and be productive.
  • Try to develop a consistent schedule where you take kava at the same time everyday. This will allow you to develop a routine and benefit from a consistent and more permanent reduction in your overall anxiety. It will also allow you to measure how you are feeling to increase or decrease your dosage as needed, and to monitor progress.
  • Combine microdosing kava with gradual healthy lifestyle changes. Consider cutting out caffeine, alcohol or other drugs you have become dependent on in an attempt to control your anxiety. Develop a consistent schedule, get enough sleep, and exercise. All of these habits work together with kava to improve your overall health and state of being.

When taken consistently throughout the day in small doses, kava is a great option to reduce general anxiety, help you to achieve a more balanced state of mind, and improve well being throughout your day.

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Marlena De La Cruz

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