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3 Myths to Debunk About Kava Root

3 myths to debunk bout kava root

If you’re curious about kava, the herbal relaxant native to the South Pacific, then you’ll want to learn about a few of the top myths surrounding the calming remedy.

Kava is Bad for Your Liver

Many people want to know: Is kava safe? The answer is yes.

There are a few older studies stating that kava has negative effects on the liver, but the problem is, those studies were poorly executed making their conclusions invalid. In fact, The National Library of Medicine has stated that the actual frequency of liver damage associated with kava consumption is 1:1,000,000 doses.

The truth is, the properly conducted scientific research has proven the safety and effectiveness of kava root. 

All Kava is Created Equal

Kava oil or kava powder? Fresh kava or dried kava? Kava supplements or Kava extracts?

This is completely personal, depending on what you use Kava for. Personally, I prefer fresh kava when making kava tea, and supplementing it with a potent kava extract as an easily accessible over the counter anxiety medication and to help me get to sleep at night.

As with anything, there are certain varieties of kava that are simply better for you. The one you want to take is the Noble variety, as opposed to the Tudei one. Noble kava is high-quality, lab tested, organic kava, sourced from reputable farmers. It is the best kava kava to take, to ensure positive healing benefits for body and mind.

Kava Makes You Drowsy

Kava can help you sleep, but it doesn’t actually make you drowsy. It helps you get to sleep by calming the mind, so that you don’t worry all night. It relaxes you, and eases tension you might be holding onto.  

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Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee is a holistic health practitioner and the lead writer and health consultant for Yandara Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico. She has written hundreds of articles for publications across the globe, including Nature & Health and The South African Journal of Natural Medicine.

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