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Top Natural Supplements for Detoxing and Alcohol Withdrawal

top natural supplements for detoxing and alcohol withdrawal

Ok, so you're detoxing or maybe you're trying to quit drinking altogether. Perhaps alcoholism and addiction run in your family and you've fallen under the spell just like those relatives that came before. 

When you're in the throes of detoxing and alcohol withdrawal, it can feel like torture, like the worst hang over of your life. But it doesn't have to. As is the case with just about every ailment under the sun, Mother Nature has an answer.

Here are 5 herbal remedies to help you deal:

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a relaxing herb that calms and balances the nervous system. When you're going through withdrawal, your nervous system is all out of whack. That's one of the reasons you feel so unstable.  Lemon balm helps you relieve the anxiety that comes from alcohol withdrawal while also helping to heal the digestive system. It's also a gentle antidepressant which can help brighten your mood.

Passion Flower

Passionflower is a mildly sedating herb. It helps tone an overly taxed nervous system, while also relieving physical and mental tension. Passionflower is often used to help reduce the symptoms that accompany alcohol withdrawal, while also helping you get restful sleep, which is typically compromised if you're going through withdrawal.

Kava Kava

Kava root is a relaxing herb that helps relieve tension in both the body and mind.  If you suffer from anxiety, you'll also want to take this herb, as it's a powerful anti-anxiety remedy. It's a non-addictive herb, ideal for those who have addictive personalities. Kava helps relax skeletal muscles and also soothes restlessness. It's an ideal herb for those going through alcohol withdrawal. 


Damiana is a mood booster as well as a mild aphrodisiac. It's also a diuretic, which helps your kidneys get rid of all the toxins that come from alcohol abuse. It's been used for many years in Brazil to alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms and can be drunk instead of alcohol in social settings.


Hops is mildly sedative herb that helps relieve stress and tension that come from alcohol withdrawal. It's an herb that's known to help with digestive issues as well as sleep problems. However, if you suffer from depression you'll want to avoid this herb.

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Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee Hughes, ND

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