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Why People Are Choosing the Kava Bar for Happy Hour

why people are choosing the kava bar for happy hour

More than just a replacement for alcohol, kava tea is gaining an overwhelming preference over our usual 5pm cocktails—a healthier, peaceful, non-addictive preference.

If you're wondering—What is kava?—It's a plant with many medicinal benefits that has long been used by Pacific Islanders as a way to connect socially during important ceremonial gatherings and milestones. To this day, they still use the root of the plant to make potent kava tea known for it's calming and relaxing effects.

Traditional preperation of kava involves grinding the kava root, placing the pulp into a porous sack, submerging the sack into water, and then squeezing the resulting beverage into cups or coconut shells for drinking. 

While kava tea is non-alcoholic, many compare it to alcohol, as it is often consumed socially and causes feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Here's why people are choosing the kava bar for happy hour.

Kava is Great for Unwinding Down

Kava relaxes your muscles and eases the anxiety in your body and brain, without making you feel "under the influence" of something. 

The fact that kava doesn’t impact mental clarity is perhaps one of the best things about kava. A cup of kava tea will make you feel pleasantly relaxed, similar to the way a glass of wine might, but you’ll be perfectly sharp mentally. 

This is why kava is a great substitute for alcohol in social gatherings especially for those who want to kick back and relax, but don't want to deal with side effects or a nasty hang over. 

why people are choosing the kava bar for happy hour 2

Feel Great the Next Day

Ever regretted things you've said or done when drinking alcohol? That won't happen on kava.

Grabbing drinks with friends or coworkers can be fun, but it's easy for anyone to lose track of cocktails and over indulge. Maybe you say something you wish you hadn't. Maybe you eat an extra large burrito from a questionable taco shop. And most likely, the next day you'll feel fatigued, bloated, and hungover—not a good look.

When drinking kava, people can carry fantastic and lucid conversations, listen to great music, eat healthy snacks and literally feel great the next day.

Kava is like a Poppin' a Natural Xanax

Many people want to drink because they feel socially awkward and they find that alcohol helps take the edge off like an all natural xanax.

After consuming kava, you'll feel calmer, happier, and mildly euphoric, making you more inclined to socialize and connect with other people.  This is why kava is becoming increasingly popular as a drink for social occasions.

Save Your Liver

Drinking kava can help reduce your alcohol intake which can result in weight loss, gains in strength, better sleep and health in general. 

The NIH concludes that the risk of liver damage from taking a kava supplement is less than one in one million. Thats a 0.000001% chance of liver damage caused by kava. Compare that to the obscene amount of health related problems and deaths associated with drinking alcohol. 

More and more kava bars are popping up all over the country and it's easy to see its mass appeal. Next time a friend texts you to meet up, suggest hitting up a kava bar.

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