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 Did you know that half of those suffering from stress poison themselves with dangerous pills like Xanax, Valium or Vicodine in their desperate attempt to get a break from their stressors? 

1Hour Break Video!

One thing is sure: stress is an inevitable part of life. Whether it’s your frantic schedule at work, financial difficulties or a family crisis, we are continually bombarded with one stressful situation or another. Stress is the body’s natural way of reacting to the demands placed upon us everyday, and we cannot escape these demands. So, stress is not the real enemy here; it’s how we decide to cope with it.

Imagine feeling alive and free every moment of your life and having the energy to handle stressful situations with ease and grace. Instead of being addicted and sedated, you can manage your stressors with an all-natural stress reliever that is safe, easily accessible and effective.

1. You Can Take Part In A Global Stress- Free Manifesto.

We have found a way to stop the destructive, downward spiral of using dangerous stress-relief pills, cigarettes, alcohol or fast food that many people use to numb stress for a little while.

1Hour Break™ is the first 100% natural, non-addictive, kava oral spray that eliminates stress and anxiety. It's the perfect quick fix in a modern world, as it’s packaged in a convenient and purse-friendly bottle so you can take it with you anytime, anywhere.

By supporting our campaign, you join the many across the world that would want to use a natural stress-reliever in their daily life and avoid falling victims of the big pharma medical drugs.

2. You Save Us From Bankers And Huge Investors.

The main ingredient in our product – Kava – is expensive and difficult to obtain, even harder to package and consume (the taste is not exactly yummy). That’s why we need your help to raise $15,000, which will allow us to produce the 1Hour Break spray at enough scale to be able to offer it affordably worldwide.

In July 2013 we created a small test batch and launched our 1Hour Break website. The feedback was way beyond our expectations and fueled our desire to continue to grow this movement of helping people cope with stress using a 100% natural stress relief product.

Crowdfunding this project will help us cover the expenses without going to the banks or the high profile investors.

3. You Get Early Bird Discounts!


Support 1Hour Break v2.0 

Last but not least, please spread the word to all your friends and family that you know could benefit from our Kava oral spray, share our Indiegogo campaign on Facebook and Twitter, so we can create a huge snowball effect and help as many people as possible. We know that together we can make our world a much healthier and holistic place in 2014.

Click here to join us today and support our Indiegogo campaign to #BeatAnxiety 

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