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7 Simple Ways To Instantly Reduce Stress

7 simple ways to instantly reduce stress

I started this list some time ago after I began to think about things that affected my mind more than I wanted them to. Mental health is the root to so much of our overall well-being, and certain of our daily habits can be triggers of stress and anxiety without us realizing it. It doesn’t take a trip to a therapist or a grand trip to Europe to check in with yourself and find easy, natural remedies for anxiety relief. I try to do at least one of these things per day and can attest to their power to transform my mind into a gentler place.

1. Write someone a thank you card.

This is something that never fails to lighten my mood and make me grateful. Whether it’s to a close friend or your barista who always makes sure your latté is the way you like it, thank you cards are always appreciated by the receiver, and they lift your mood as well.

2. Schedule a weekly phone or Skype date.

Because my close friends are spread out around the world, scheduling phone and Skype dates is critical. Another fun thing I do is have a weekly Skype French lesson with a lovely woman who lives in Paris. It gives me something to look forward to, and I love the feeling of connection.

3. Say no to something.

It’s part of my personality to always say yes—because I hate to let people down. However, my well-being (and sanity) comes first. Don’t feel bad when you need to say no.

4. Walk around the block.

Stuck in a funk at the office and feel yourself sinking? Go take a five-minute walk around the block for fresh air. You’ll be surprised how much of an effect this has.

5. Delete a social media account or take the day off.

I really don’t need to know what others are doing 24-7. And I'd feel much less stressed if I took back that hour (or hours) that I wasted in an instagram rabbit hole.

6. Turn off push notifications.

Let your mind stay present by eliminating push notifications, whether that be with emails or social media likes.

7. Go to bed one hour earlier.

The next episode can wait until tomorrow. You’ll feel better in the morning with the extra hour of rest.

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