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A Natural Alternative to Xanax for Flight Anxiety

a natural alternative to xanax for flight anxiety

I never really wanted to take Xanax, but my flight anxiety is torturous.

I was so anxious about flying that I avoided it completely for several years. But apparently that's one of the worst thing you can do because it allows the fear to fester. 

So when my friend offered me some of her Xanax to help get me through a necessary transcontinental flight, I graciously accepted. The Xanax got me through the flight, but I didn't like the way it made me feel groggy, lethargic, and unmotivated. Not really how I wanted to start my holiday. 

I started looking for other natural options.

Some people swear by essential oils, so I tried organic marjoram oil and black pepper oil which are known for taming anxiety. It worked a little bit, but it just wasn't a match against my extreme fear of flying. I needed something stronger, more powerful and effective.

Desperate for a miracle, I noticed the woman sitting next to me spray something into her mouth, and then closed her eyes as if she was going into a meditative state. She was like a God send.

Her energy was calm and welcoming, so I felt like I could strike a conversation and luckily for me, she was open to sharing.

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That's when I found Kava Kava.

The little spray bottle was filled with kava extract. Kava is a natural herb that's ultra calming and relieves stress and anxiety. She was so generous to let me try it, and I graciously accepted.

I almost instantly felt a general sense of calm come over me, without losing my judgement or ability to think clearly. I felt like I was in control again. 

After finding Kava Kava, I’ve since endured many flights without turning to Xanax. I'm happy that I've found something natural that works for me, and I wish my advice helps all of you find your own stress relief routine. Hope to see you up in the sky.

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Breana Charles

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