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CBD Oil vs. Kava: Thoughts from a Busy Mom


If you’re like me you have a lot to juggle everyday between work and family obligations and want something to help settle the feelings of anxiety. It’s even better if I can take it with me on the go so I can take it when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by life.


CBD Oil vs. Kava

CBD vs Kava: Which one is Family Friendly?

Obviously for adults the choice is fairly straightforward, pick whichever one works best for you, you’re an adult after all. But when using CBD around your family, or if your children accidentally consume it, it’s not so clear. While oil that is pure CBD is generally legal in US states that have legalized marijuana, you’ll need to do lots of research to make sure that the oil contains no THC so there aren’t any unwanted side effects.

Kava doesn’t have the same issues and with research is something you can add to a family routine. In my house we use kava to spend time together as a family, sometimes by mixing a drink or whipping up a batch of kava chocolates. While both products are safe and legal, you’ll need to decide which one fits your lifestyle best and which you are most comfortable having in your home.

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What are the Effects?

Kava helps settle anxiety by slowing down the noradrenaline or norepinephrine activity in your brain while raising levels of serotonin and dopamine to help you feel better. As a result kava makes you feel simultaneously calm and focused; a positive when you don’t have time to put your busy life on hold.

CBD oil works in a similar way, it slows down activity in the part of the brain responsible for producing feelings of anxiety. Don’t worry about feeling high or losing productivity, pure CBD oil does not contain any of the psychoactive compound THC. For both kava and CBD oil it takes time to find out exactly how much you should take to get the effects you need so be patient at first.

Take Your Kava On The Go

Which Form of Kava or CBD is Best for Busy Moms?

Most CBD oil is sold in small bottles with a dropper that are easy to carry and use in most situations. You will have the taste to contend with however. While the flavor isn’t terrible, it is earthy or grassy, and some people find that unpleasant. I have found that there are some simple tricks to getting around the flavor but it means adding an extra step.

Kava also has a fairly strong flavor when prepared as a drink, so the easiest and quickest way to take it when you’re out and about are capsules or a convenient portable spray. Not only are these easy to carry and take wherever you go, they allow you to control the dosage so you can adjust the strength according to the demands of your busy day. 


No matter which one you choose, take the time to thoroughly research both options to find out which fits your life and needs best. Just because kava works for me and my family doesn’t mean it’s right for yours. Both are great alternatives to medication, but it’s not one size fits all.

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