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How Social Media Promotes Anxiety

how social media promotoes anxiety

I have personally witnessed how the fascinating constructs of social media can be both business deal makers and anxiety inducing destroyers.

Why? We’re wired for connection, but not for a flood of constant information.

We don’t need do know anything and everything about each person we follow, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Yes, platforms like Instagram can grow a business. It can help you cultivate a following and connect you to strangers you would otherwise not have access to. In your personal life, it helps you to virtually keep in touch with those you don’t see as often.

But does this end up providing a false sense of connection? Could the tool that you seek out to help you escape from anxiety actually be the cause of anxiety in the first place?

In 2007, Leisa Reichelt coined the term “ambient intimacy.” Basically, this translates to the ability to maintain an regular, intimate relationship you wouldn’t usually have due to time and space. When you couple this term with the multitude of social media platforms, the question arrives: does ambient intimacy fostered through social media promote hyperstimulation and anxiety?

The point is, spending inordinate amounts of time scanning others’ inaccurate representations of reality can promote anxiety and diminish our own well-being. It's easy to subconsciously compare yourself to others.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling and letting Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram become a subconscious habit, be mindful of your mood—especially if you find yourself getting frustrated.

Selectively choose who to follow.

Strive for genuine connections and face time.

If something is consistently disturbing your inner peace, it might be time to take a digital break. 

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