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Kava Capsules: An Easy Way to Include Kava in your Busy Days

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I am a mom and a teacher. Kids are a big part of my everyday life. At times I find it difficult to focus. I've got a lesson plan to prep and instead I'm wondering if I can squeeze in a trip to the grocery store before one child heads to ballet practice and another to a play-date. I try to practice mindfulness and often use simple hacks to help me stay focused. But more than anything, I depend on kava based supplements. For busy moms kava capsules can be a great way to maintain focus and clarity throughout the day because they are a quick and easy way to settle your mind. But it is important to do your research before trying kava. Not all kava capsules are the same and you should make sure you have the right one for you and your needs.  

Now that you have decided to try using kava capsules here are three things to consider before adding it to your daily routine.  

Are You Buying From a Reputable Company?

Mom's are label checkers. We won't give any thing to our kids unless we know what's in it. Why would we treat our own bodies any differently? While you should of course check with companies to see where they source their kava from and what else they might include in their capsules, you also need to see what kind of kava they are using. The three main kinds of kava are heavy, heady and balanced. The effects vary for each variety so it’s important to think about what you want from kava when making your purchase. The origin of the kava also produces different effects as each country cultivates kava varieties with specific effects. Here is a good list that explains some of the kava varieties and how they might fit your needs. Once you’ve considered what you’re using the kava for, and what the ingredients are, you might want to think about who is growing the kava. Small, family owned farms often specialize in distinct blends and are worth considering once you know what kind of kava works for you.


Pay Attention to Dosage! Your Day Depends on It

If I’m in a bad mood my children know it and so do my students. If I'm spaced out, they're spaced out. Clarity and focus are absolutely essential. Kava capsules can help you maintain clarity and focus but only when taken properly. Obviously different people will react to kava in different ways but generally when you are researching which capsules are best, look for ones that contain between 50 and 70 milligrams of kavalactones. The higher the amount of kavalactones the faster you’ll feel the effects of the kava, but you shouldn’t take more than 300 milligrams per day. You also need to consider why you are taking the kava; for mental clarity stay on the low end but if you need something to help you sleep you may need as much as 200-300 milligrams. Don’t worry about not feeling anything the first few times you try kava, this is normal, some people need to build up the amount of kava in their body before being able to fully benefit.

Remember: Kava Capsules are Natural Medicine

Naturally, you should keep kava capsules away from children. That said, don't be shy about telling them what it is. Explain the ancient history behind it. Let them try it in a reduced form. There are some great recipes for homemade kava treats. Take the mystery out of kava. Afterall, it's a healthy natural alternative that Polynesian families share with their children so feel free to do the same with yours.

Kava capsules are a great way to stay focused throughout the day. But when my kids have gone to bed and I have those rare moments alone I prefer to take the extra time needed and make a cup of kava to sip on since I know it will guarantee a great night’s sleep.  

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