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Kava Chocolate: Sweetness without the Rush

Kava Chocolate Moulten Cake

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Homemade Kava Chocolate: delicious, fun and hyper-free!

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love chocolate in one form or another, perhaps a square of dark chocolate for mom and brownies for the kids. However, while adults might have a piece of chocolate as a way to wind down from the day, chocolate and kids can be a combination that is far from relaxing. This is where kava chocolate excels, all of the taste of chocolate we know and love, but with effects that are soothing rather than energizing. Plus, by choosing recipes that are suitable for different ages can turn chocolate from something that winds up your kids to soothing family time.

Kava Chocolate and Children

While kava is safe for children to ingest, like any food you offer to your children, make sure the levels of kava are low enough for them. Adults will be able to tolerate higher levels of kava so when preparing recipes consider adjusting the amounts of kava used in the recipe or the amount consumed. In fact, this is how kava is treated in South Pacific families who use kava regularly. Adults might drink several bowls of kava in the course of an afternoon while allowing their children to have one bowl.

Kava Chocolate Drinks

There are many ways to combine kava and chocolate depending on how much time you have and how old your children are. A quick and easy idea that would work well for all ages is an Iced Chocolate Kava Root Latte. Of course you’ll want to leave out the coffee in the children’s portion, but the fact that it only needs a blender bottle means it’s easy to involve the kids in measuring out the ingredients. If you want it to be more like a chocolate milkshake mixing the same ingredients in a blender will make a thicker drink. An even easier recipe, and a good way to warm up after spending the day outside in the winter, is kava hot chocolate that needs just three ingredients and a microwave. Both of these recipes are easy to adapt depending on your tastes, add coconut milk for a tropical twist or some peppermint for extra Christmas time cheer. The recipe below is enough for four people.

Kava Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon & Sea Salt

Kava Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon & Sea Salt

⅓ cup cocoa powder

½ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 quart milk of your choice 

1 cinnamon stick

Pinch of Sea Salt

4 tablespoons of Kava root powder (or 2 tablespoons for a milder brew)


Warm milk over low heat and whisk in cocoa powder and kava powder until completely dissolved. Add chocolate chips and cinnamon stick and then bring it to a low simmer. Pour combined mixture into four mugs. Finish with a pinch of sea salt and dash of cinnamon.

Baking with Kava and Chocolate

If you have older children then try out making moulded kava chocolates or whip up a batch of kava brownies. These recipes might take a little longer than kava chocolate drinks, but are well worth the extra effort. The kava chocolates can be easily adapted depending on what type of chocolate you like, white, dark or milk or even a combination. Pick out some fun molds and you have a fun way to spend the afternoon bonding as a family and making a delicious treat. Now, no discussion of chocolate recipes is complete without brownies. There is some disagreement over how heat affects the potency of kava, but the general consensus is that enough of the kavalactones remain that you’ll still benefit from the kava.

Naturally there are pre-made kava chocolate products on the market, and that's great when you want to sneak in a bite of stress free sweetness but when it comes to spending time with family it is a lot more fun to mix up your own kava chocolate creations! After all, what’s the fun of cooking if you don’t have anyone to share with?

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