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About Us

Hey! We're Don, Allison, & Vu—the Innovative Lifestyles family. Healing runs deep in our veins—we come from a long lineage of medical professionals, eastern healers and shamans. We created Innovative Lifestyles as a comprehensive hub of knowledge to empower people to pursue balanced, soulful and conscious lifestyles.

Our Brands

1Hour Break - All Natural Stress & Anxiety Management

While working in corporate America, we witnessed a destructive, downward spiral when people consumed and relied on dangerous products to deal with their stress-related issues: energy drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, processed food, and excessive medications. We were also victim to these same vices.

We wanted to create something that was not only effective, but something that was actually good for us, something we could wholeheartedly share with our friends and family. So we created 1Hour Break®—an all natural stress & anxiety reliever made from real plants and herbs. 

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