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Calm Your Overactive Mind with Guided Meditations for Anxiety

Guided meditation for anxiety

So what is meditation exactly?

Meditation is a practice that allows us to understand the mind by realizing the absolute freedom of our own mind. 

The mind is filled with all sorts of thoughts and concepts. It's constantly fielding all the input that comes in from our environment, and from our inner world.

Meditation allows us to sit with ourselves and be with ourselves no matter what thoughts or emotions are coming up. Without meditation, we don't typically do this.

Meditation is not about stopping our thoughts. Meditation is not about getting rid of feeling and emotions. It's about not getting all tangled up with them


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An Analogy: Your Mind is a Busy Street

Take a moment and imagine yourself sitting on the side of a very busy street. Cars are whizzing by, each one holding all the thoughts and feelings we experience throughout the day.

The point of meditation is to simply watch the cars go by. By doing this, we can practice letting go. 

But that's not what we typically do. Most of the time we're chasing after them or trying to stop them. All this running around out in the middle of the street trying to play "thought cop" only makes things more chaotic. In fact, we're apt to get hurt and probably hurt others in the process. 

Why should I meditate?

Meditation gives us a new perspective and trains us to change the way we interact with all those passing cars (our thoughts and feelings). We learn how to look at them from a bird's eye view. This lends more perspective to things.

Regain Your Attention

Of course, we'll forget from time to time what we're training our minds to do. We'll jump into the traffic again and start playing traffic cop.

But as soon as we do this, all we need to do is remember the practice, step to the side of the road and simply relax. There's nothing to do but watch all those cars passing by, once again. 

Overtime you'll learn to retain your focus and attention.

Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Meditation is hands down one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and can be a powerful tool in overcoming anxiety. The new insights you'll gain from meditation can help stop spiraling thoughts, heal and transform you, and thousands of scientific studies prove just how beneficial meditation is.  

How to Start Meditating

Starting a meditation practice is simple, but requires practice, consistency, and dedication to unlock the benefits of meditation. 

Creating a positive ritual is helpful in establishing a new practice.

  • Meditate around the same time every day. You'll be more likely to have a consistent practice.
  • Create atmosphere: Time your meditation when the morning light hits your bedroom window. Light a candle. Spray some kava. Do something small to make this time special.

Guided Meditations

Start with these simple meditations and you'll be on your way to establishing a practice that will provide you with all sorts of healing.

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