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How to Enhance Your Spiritual Journey with Herbs

how to enhance your spiritual journey with herbs

As a self-proclaimed yogi, certified naturopath, and deeply feminine goddess myself, I want to share with you how to enhance your precious spiritual journey and intuition by using a handful of healing herbs.

I’ve learned that certain herbs act as the perfect accompaniment to my daily sadhana, or spiritual routine, which consists of a home yoga, meditation, and intention setting practice.

As I first sit on my yoga mat before moving into asana practice, I typically take one or more of my favorite herbs, along with a few deep breaths. These herbal remedies help me tune into myself, get grounded, and ease me into my daily yoga practice.

As soon as I sit to meditate, I turn to my favorite calming herbs. The ones I absolutely love help calm my mind when it’s overly stimulated or running wild. This enhances my daily meditation in powerful ways.

If I want to set an intention before beginning an important endeavor, I also take my favorite herbal elixir, then wait as my mind clears. When I drop into this sense of clarity, I close my eyes and visualize what I want to manifest.

The herbs I’ve found to be perfect for promoting feelings of ease and well-being for mind, body and spirit are:


Kava is a native shrub found in the South Pacific Islands. Pacific islanders use it to enhance religious ceremonies and spiritual rituals. After living in the Hawaiian Islands, I decided that I wanted to follow suit, and have been enjoying the calming effects of kava ever since.

Lemon Balm

Born of the Mediterranean, lemon balm is an uplifting herb, that also calms the heart. It’s been used since ancient Roman times, and way back in the Middle Ages, it was taken to promote good sleep.

Passion Flower

Passion flower comes from the passionate land of Italy, and works to cool the spirit and relax the mind. It’s also known to relieve anxiety while helping to calm the ruminating monkey mind. It’s a gentle, yet potent little plant.


Lobelia helps the autonomic nervous system, as well as the muscular system to relax. It’s native to Southeastern Canada, as well as parts of Florida. Used as an herbal remedy to quit smoking, this delicate flower was also used by Native Americans for various maladies.

Herbs are majestic healing gifts from Mother Nature, offered to us with love and abundance. We can harness the powers of Mother Earth, to enhance our own evolution and journey on the spiritual path, as ancients have been doing for thousands and thousands of years. 

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Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee is a holistic health practitioner and the lead writer and health consultant for Yandara Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico. She has written hundreds of articles for publications across the globe, including Nature & Health and The South African Journal of Natural Medicine.

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