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How Yoga Can Help Heal a Heartache

how yoga can heal a heartache

Break-ups are hard. No matter how much well meaning friends and family tell you "it will get better", the deep hurt of an ended relationship is something that feels never-ending and difficult to explain. This is why break-ups so often lead to an onset of depression and anxiety that can be hard to fight.

It's tempting to feel the urge to isolate yourself in your sadness. Though a few nights of sad music and ice cream can do some good, dwelling in the depression and anxiety of a breakup is not a good idea. The question is, what do you do shift your perspective and begin to heal?

I truly believe that one of the best healing activities for a heartache is self-love and therapy through your yoga practice.

Yoga excels as one of the best anxiety cures because it opens us up, shakes out the tensions, and strengthens your body, giving you a rush and making you feel great. But I believe yoga can be more than that.

Yoga Shifts Your Focus to Gratitude

When you are going through a break-up, in a way you have suffered a loss. Not only do you miss your companion, but you may start to view the years in the relationship as "wasted" or "lost."

Yoga is important because it shifts your focus away from these harmful thoughts and back to gratitude. Yoga teaches you to appreciate -- appreciate your journey, appreciate your body, and appreciate every experience through the pain and joy.  

It's not about what you can't do or a final result, it's about simply being happy for the experience. There's no better time for this sort of thinking then after a break-up, when negative thinking can dominate your mind.

Yoga Strengthens You Inside and Out

Yoga is a unique sort of exercise because it an exercise for your mind, heart, and spirit just as much as it is for your body. There is no denying that physical exercise and getting in shape is a great response to a breakup. The confidence and endorphins that come along with exercise can help when you are feeling vulnerable and give you a skip in your step. However, yoga takes this a step further by strengthening you internally as well.

It requires self discipline, commitment, and patience. It's teachings, though focusing on peace and moving at your own pace, also inspire you to push yourself, take chances, be disciplined, and ultimately, be strong.

Yoga Reminds You That You Are Enough

One of my favorite things about yoga is that the only tool you need is your body. The poses you accomplish are so very empowering because you are using your body and only your body to accomplish them. When you are going through a break up, it's easy to feel like you've been split in half. Yoga is a great reminder that you are whole. You, your body, your soul, your mind, are enough, and while other people can enhance your journey and travel with you, ultimately, your life journey is your own.

For anyone going through a difficult split, self care and love is essential. Go slowly, listen to your body and heart, and start on the journey towards healing.

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