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Natural Ways to Wean off Prescription Drugs


Prescription drug use has never been so popular. Whether it's children diagnosed for ADD, teenagers prescribed anti-depressants, adults dependent on Xanax, there are a lot of drugs floating around that affect our brain, our psyche and our well-being.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Prescription drugs can help those with severe psychological disorders find balance, peace, and fulfillment. There are many people whose lives are changed for the better by the drugs they are prescribed.

However, we know this isn't always the case. Whether it's the negative side effects, the dependence on a pill, or a desire to switch to a more natural lifestyle, many people are making the choice to wean themselves off of their prescriptions in search of a natural remedy.

If you are considering switching from prescription drugs to natural replacements, the first thing you should do is talk to the doctor who prescribed the drug. Under no circumstances should you decide to go off of a prescription drug before consulting your doctor.

If you speak to your doctor, and they give you the go ahead, here are a few tips for making the switch and letting go of your prescription drug habit for good.

Go Slowly 

The first and most important tip when it comes to switching from prescription to natural medicine is to take your time and go slowly.

Sometimes, this is a question of health, as when weaning yourself off of a drug like Xanax. Other times, it is simply a question of maintaining a balance and going slow enough to find the rhythm that works for you. Many people get excited about the idea of switching off of their prescription drugs and they try to go "Cold Turkey." While you can consult with your doctor to see if this is an option for you, it tends to be better to gradually wean yourself off of the medication to make the switch as natural as possible.

Find a natural remedy that works for you

There are a lot of different options out there for natural remedies that can help in overcoming anxiety, depression, OCD, and other psychological issues.

If you are looking for a replacement for mood stabilizers, you can look into herbal teas and vitamins that can enhance your natural diet to leave you feeling balanced and calm. If you have experience with alcohol dependency and are now sober, kava can be a great option with very little side effects.

There are hundreds of options out there, so talk to a naturopathic doctor about your symptoms to see what works for you. Once you try something new, be patient and give it a week or two to feel the effects and figure out your dosage.

Join a community

Deciding to go off of prescription medication can be a challenging process both physically and psychologically. The good news is that there are thousands of people out there who have gone through it, are going through it, or are preparing to go through it as well.

Connecting yourself with a community is an absolute necessity for finding support, sharing advice, and staying motivated as you seek to better yourself.

Online forums like are a great option to get connected and find people going through similar struggles.

Be patient

Changing your life is not a process that can happen overnight, so patience and being in tune with your body is key to finding the right solution for your needs. Take your time, do your research, and stay positive as you start this new life journey.

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Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee is a holistic health practitioner and the lead writer and health consultant for Yandara Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico. She has written hundreds of articles for publications across the globe, including Nature & Health and The South African Journal of Natural Medicine.

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