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4 Ways to Beat Insomnia

4 ways to beat insomnia

How many of you suffer from sleep deprivation? Do you have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep? Perhaps you are one of the 60 million Americans who deal with insomnia. You'd probably do just about anything to overcome insomnia because poor sleep affects every, single area of our life.

Here are 4 effective ways to beat insomnia for good:  

1. Ditch the Stimulants

Everything that enters our body has an effect on our sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, you'd be better off avoiding coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Chocolate, guarana, yerba mate, teas with mega doses of caffeine, and alcohol should all be eliminated from your diet if you're serious about curing insomnia for good. 

2. Take Kava Kava root before you go to bed

How many of you have insomnia because of your racing thoughts and worries? This is often the cause of insomnia, and taking kava kava root before bed will encourage your mind to slow down those racing thoughts. Not only calm the mind, it also relaxes the body.

3. Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

It's really important to have stable blood sugar levels in order to beat insomnia. With every meal, eat protein, healthy fats, and carbs with a low glycemic index. You might have an omelet for breakfast with tomatoes and raw goat's milk cheese. For lunch, you might have an organic apple or two and some raw or roasted trail mix. For dinner, perhaps you have salmon with a salad and veggies. Then you might have a couple spoonfuls of raw almond butter with local honey for dessert. Almond butter in the evening is the best food to eat because it's a food that digests slowly and also stabilizes your blood sugar during sleeping hours. 

4. Exercise Daily

Daily exercise is one of the best practices you can have if you want to get rid of insomnia. You may wish to exercise first thing in the morning, perhaps alternating days between burst training and yoga or Pilates. In the afternoon, consider taking a leisurely bike ride. Get out in nature and walk your dogs a couple times a day if you have dogs. And when the weather is nice, exercise outdoors. Being out in nature and under the sun will also help kick those sleepless nights of insomnia to the curb. 

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Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee Hughes, ND

Aimee is a holistic health practitioner and the lead writer and health consultant for Yandara Institute in Todos Santos, Mexico. She has written hundreds of articles for publications across the globe, including Nature & Health and The South African Journal of Natural Medicine.

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