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Let Go of Work Stress with this 5 Minute Meditation

Let Go of Work Stress with this 5 Minute Meditation-1

Wouldn't it be nice if customers, co-workers and bosses always met every one of your expectations and never ever caused you any stress by a less than thoughtful comment or a look that’s got you thinking, “somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.”

Whether it’s the all too common stress of deadlines, presentations, or co-workers that drive you up the wall - or feeling as if there’s just not enough time to get it all done, work stress is no stranger to just about everyone these days.

A heart-centered meditation is one of the most powerful ways to quiet the mind and relax the nervous system. In the tradition of yoga, we surrender again and again to our heart. We drop back into who we are – into our unique humanness. We drop the ego and get really centered into our hearts. Becoming more and more of who we are calms the nervous system, allowing us to relax deeply as we want when work stress takes over.

Take in several sprays of 1Hour Break® to help ease you into a still place before beginning this simple guided meditation for work stress.

Let Go of Work Stress with this 5 Minute Meditation 2


A Simple Guided Meditation for Work Stress:

Sit down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Immediately bring your attention to your inhale and exhale.

Take this time to let go of tension in every, single part of your body, whether it’s in the physical body or emotional body. Let anything that needs to be let go—let go.

Now imagine you’re just about to fall asleep, while staying very conscious of each inhale and each exhale. Bring your awareness to your heart center. In the yogic tradition this is called the anahata chakra. Feel into this heart space and notice how it feels. You don’t have to judge the feelings in your heart center, just observe them and let your breath breathe into and out of your heart center.

Imagine that the breath is clearing any residue that might be causing any tension in your heart.

Now visualize your breath wiping away any and all the experiences in your life that might be the truth of your heart’s voice. Take the time to simply “be” in this state of awareness that resides within the wisdom of your heart. Feel what this inner wisdom feels like. Breathe into it and relax deeply.

Now, slowly allow your eyes to open, and give yourself a moment to come back. Check in and see how much more relaxed you feel.

Take another few sprays of your 1Hour Break® if needed and ease back into work feeling calm and rejuvenated. If you liked this, check out our guided meditation for anxiety series to help you learn how to stop an anxiety attack, and drop you into your heart space whenever you begin feeling overwhelmed.

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Aimee Hughes, ND

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