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How To Get Out Of Bed When You are Depressed

how to get out of bed when youre depressed

For all those mornings that drag into nights, and you can't seem to get out of bed, remember to tell yourself these things:

You will feel happy again.

It might not feel like it right now, but people bounce back from even the worst of circumstances. You will feel the sunshine again, you will feel joy, you will have a stomach ache from laughing so hard. You will. 

You are forgiven.

There is a reason why all major religions have themes focusing so heavily on forgiveness. Carrying the guilt and shame of your mistakes gets you nowhere. You are forgiven. Learn from your past and move forward.

Life is a gift.

Wherever you are, no matter how hard it feels, remember that life is not promised. It is fleeting and fragile, and you are being blessed with the privilege of experiencing it. Take comfort in what a gift your life is.

You can do it.

Every role model you have, everyone you look up to and admire, they are all just human beings like you. If you are willing to put in the work, and take the risk, you can acheive your dream. Don't ask, "Why me?", the real question is, "Why not me?" 

You are not alone.

We all go through hard times. We all feel like "the odd one out". We all feel like something is wrong with us, like we aren't good enough, like things are too much. It's the fact that we are all in this together that can lift you out of these depressed feelings. Find someone who will listen, and confide in them, and if you can't do that, pray. Someone is always listening.

You are breathing.

Become aware of the fact you are breathing right now. In and out, effortlessly. Feel the weight of your lungs, feel the rush of oxygen bringing you to life. Feel the consistency of the rythm of respiration. Feel yourself breathe, and be grateful that one of the best natural remedies for anxiety is as easy as breathing in and out.

It was meant to be.

Even when things feel so wrong, like you took a wrong turn or made a wrong choice, everything is still meant to be. You were meant to make these mistakes because they will teach you a lesson that you need to learn. And that's what life is about, really. Learning lessons and growing.

You are loved.

By your family and friends. But bigger than that- you are loved because the fuel of this world is love. Love is everywhere, and you are a part of this world. You are loved by simply existing.

You have permission to be happy.

Right now, amidst all your imperfections. You have permission to be happy.

You can start now.

Whatever you need to start doing in order to turn your life around, you have permission to start. Ignore the whispering voices that bring you doubt. Push through the stress and anxiety that plague you. Just start. Now. The rest will fall into place. 

It's OK.

But really, it's OK. Whatever it is, whatever's going on, it will be OK. Because life is a complex journey of peaks and valleys. And you are riding the ride, which is exactly what you're supposed to do.

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Breana Charles

I'm a registered dietician that teaches my patients that health starts at home. I want to show others simple ways to incorporate healthier habits in a way that is conducive to their lifestyles. I believe food is medicine, and every time we eat is a new opportunity to feel healthier and happier.

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