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How To Stop an Anxiety Attack with 1Hour Break®

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What is 1Hour Break®?

1Hour Break® is an all natural, non-addictive, oral spray that relieves symptoms of anxiety and stress. Just spray into your mouth and swallow. Within minutes, all the stress bogging you down will start to dissipate, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. It's packaged in a convenient and purse-friendly bottle so you can have on-demand relief anytime, anywhere.

When should I use 1Hour Break®?

Use 1Hour Break® any time you are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally uneasy, angry, stressed, need a restful night’s sleep, or just want to relax and unwind.

1Hour Break® is safe, effective, and can be used daily. No harsh side effects or scary withdrawal symptoms that are commonly associated with synthetic medications like Xanax

I’m having anxiety right now. What should I do?

Anxiety attack symptoms can creep up quickly, so get in the habit of using 1Hour Break® at the first hint of anxiety. 

For first time users, we recommend you start with a minimum dose of 1-3mL. Spray directly under your tongue and allow 1Hour Break® to absorb for 15 seconds. If you're very anxious, use another 1-3mL.

I feel like I can't breathe. What's wrong with me?

Many people find it difficult to breathe when they are experiencing severe anxiety, also known as a panic attack.

Use 1Hour Break® as soon as possible. We recommend starting with a higher dose of 3-5mL. 1Hour Break® will go to work immediately and help you to begin to relax.

If possible, go to a place where you feel comfortable and try and reduce outside stimulus like noise and lights. Lay down if you can, as this will allow for better circulation. Learn more on how to stop panic attacks.

I want to know how to stop panic attacks in the future. Can 1Hour Break® help me?

Use 1Hour Break® before you enter a stressful situation and immediately if you start to feel anxiety in order to avoid it escalating into a panic attack. It's always easier to deal with mild anxiety versus a full blown panic attack.

The key is to keep 1Hour Break® with you at all times. You can carry the convenient bottle in your pocket or purse, so you always have a tool to help you in moments of need.

Do you have any health/lifestyle tips that can help me relieve my panic attacks?

To be successful in overcoming anxiety and keeping panic attacks under control, do the following:

  • Breathing exerises for anxiety. Allow your belly to rise when you inhale to expand your diaphragm for a deep breath. Also known as diaphragmatic breathing, breathing through your belly helps activate your body's relaxation mechanism. This helps keep your hormones in check, and in return, calms your "fight or flight" response.
  • Check in with yourself and stop intrusive thoughts. If you start to become worried, ask yourself, is it danger or discomfort? Answer your "what if…?" questions by saying "So what? I'll become afraid and then calm down again." It's OK to be afraid.
  • Engage in the present. People don't panic in the present—they panic when they imagine something bad happening to them in the past or future. This is why most panic attacks are accompanied by a "What if…?" thought. Engage in the present and get involved with the people and objects around you.
  • Try guided meditation for anxietyMeditation is not about stopping our thoughts. Meditation is not about getting rid of feeling and emotions. It's about not getting all tangled up with them.
  • Work with your body. Identify and relax the parts of your body that get most tense when you have panic attacks. Don’t allow yourself to stand rigid, with muscles tensed, holding your breath. Our physical state has a larger affect on our thoughts than we realize.
  •  Use 1Hour Break® kava root extract before you enter a stressful situation and/or as soon as you start to feel any hint of anxiety, take it to help avoid a panic attack.

It’s 3am and I can't sleep. Can 1Hour Break® help me?

1Hour Break® will promote better sleep when your mind simply won’t calm down. It’ll also help light sleepers go into deeper REM sleep stages. Use 1Hour Break® before you go to bed and whenever you wake up in the middle of the night to help go back to sleep.

To achieve more restful, deeper sleep, take 1-3mL of 1Hour Break® and then practice deep breathing by directing your thoughts towards your inhale and exhale. 

I hear 1Hour Break® helps makes some people feel more alert. Will it keep me awake?

1Hour Break® allows people to focus by calming an overactive mind, which may make some people feel alert. Although 1Hour Break® is not a stimulant and will not keep you awake.

Will using 1Hour Break® at night make me drowsy during the day?

No. The effects of 1Hour Break® are calming and relaxing, but not sedating. It does not produce drowsiness or grogginess that is typically associated with synthetic medications. 

How do I use 1Hour Break®?

To use 1Hour Break® , do the following:

  • Break the tamper seal.
  • Pop the cap off.
  • Hold the bottle in the palm of your hand with your pointer finger on top of the pump.
  • Open your mouth, lift your tongue and point the spray nozzle underneath your tongue. Hold the bottle close to your mouth.
  • Spray directly under your tongue 5-15 times. Every 5 sprays is equivalent to 1mL. 
  • Close your mouth and allow 1Hour Break® to absorb underneath your tongue for up to 15 seconds before swallowing.How to use 1Hour Break

How does using 1Hour Break® feel? How do I know it's working?

You'll know 1Hour Break® is working because it imparts a soothing numbing sensation on the mouth and lips. In fact, the numbing feeling is a prized trait of kava root, our main ingredient. Focus on the tingling sensation as you let your stress melt away. 

The area under your tongue is very sensitive and has a thin membrane, which allows for quick absorption of the product, but may feel uncomfortable if you aren’t used to taking sublingual (under the tongue) supplements. So 1Hour Break® may sting at first, with a similar sensation to using an alcohol-based mouthwash. Your tongue will become conditioned after multiple uses and the sting will dissipate. 

How will it make me feel? 

1Hour Break® will make you feel calm, centered and relaxed, like the best version of yourself. The kava kava high will be noticeable, but subtle. You should feel focused like you can take on the day. 1Hour Break® itself will not make you feel drowsy, but will calm racing thoughts and provide relaxation when using it as a sleep aid.

I used 1Hour Break® but I still feel anxious. What do I do now?

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and you may need to experiment with the amount of sprays you use to find what works for you. 

If you find your first dose is insufficient, try spraying an additional 1-3mL of 1Hour Break®. Make sure you spray directly under the tongue and allow 1Hour Break® to absorb for 15 seconds. Read more about finding your ideal kava dosage

Can I use too much of 1Hour Break®?

Each 1Hour Break® serving (5 sprays/1ml) contains approximately 259 mg of Kava root extract, which contains approximately 23.4 mg of kavalactones. A standard dose is in the range of 60-600 mg of kavalactones per day.

Although 1Hour Break® contains less Kava root extract than what would be considered a high dose, we recommend you consult with your qualified health care provider about any questions or concerns you may have regarding consumption of Kava root and/or 1Hour Break®.

Your health care provider is best suited to identify substances you may be sensitive to and assess the link between Kava root extract consumption and your overall well-being.

What are the ingredients in 1Hour Break®?

Premium Kava Kava Root from Vanuatu, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Passion Flower, Organic Lobelia Herb, Stevia Leaf Extract, Deionized Water, Vegetable glycerin, Grain Alcohol (20% by vol), Organic Mint Essential Oil.

I feel most stressed at work. Will 1Hour Break® impair my ability to do my job?

1Hour Break® will help ease work stress by allowing you to feel calm, centered and relaxed, like the best version of yourself. You should feel focused, like you’re able to take on the day. 1Hour Break® won’t make you feel drowsy and shouldn’t interfere with your ability to work.

What about using caffeine and 1Hour Break®?

1Hour Break® can be used in conjunction with coffee. In fact, it can be a great way to decrease the "coffee jitters."

I’m taking other medications. Is it safe to use 1Hour Break®?

Please check with your doctor before taking 1Hour Break® if you are currently taking prescription medications, have had liver problems or frequently use alcoholic beverages, or you have a medical condition that makes you concerned about taking it.

Can my child/adolescent use 1Hour Break®?

1Hour Break® is for adults 18 and over. Please use responsibly.

I’m pregnant and/or breast feeding. Can I use 1Hour Break®?

1Hour Break® is not for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

I’ve read that kava is unsafe and can attribute to liver damage. Is 1Hour Break® safe?

We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality natural plant extracts available. Kava Root has been clinically proven to be safe and effective at reducing the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. Read more on what is kava and the facts behind claims of liver toxicity and kava use for more information.

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