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I Learned How To Detach from My Anxiety. Here is How I Did it.

i learned how to detach from my anxiety heres how


When we internalize our anxiety, we cannot separate it from our other, more reliable emotions. This is when we let panic overcome us, because it feels real and important. We believe the things that these anxious feelings are telling us, even when they aren't true.

A liberating step to overcoming anxiety is being able to recognize that your anxiety is nothing more than an unnecessary reaction to non-harmful stressors and to emotionally detach from it.

The sooner we can stop associating these feelings with peril and danger, the faster we can overcome them. But how do we do it? 

Sometimes overcoming anxiety and negative thoughts means learning how to let them exist without reacting to them. 

This step takes a lot of internal work and it can be helpful to begin with guided meditation for anxiety. It involves practice, dedication, and self-trust. 

Practice recognizing your anxiety. When you begin to sweat, or shake, or lose focus on what you're doing, immediately stop and recognize what's happening. It may help to recognize it out loud by saying  "I know this feeling. This is my anxiety. I know not to give into it, and to let it exist and pass without it derailing my day."

Maybe not the first time, maybe not the second time, but eventually, labeling these symptoms will help to take away their mystery and their fear, and they will start to lose their power over you. 


Practice This Exercise: Productive stressing.

Every morning, allow yourself 30 minutes of "stress time." Make a list of concerns that you have along with practical steps you are going to take for overcoming them. Then, make sure you check off those steps every day.

Why? This is a way of owning your anxiety. If you logically and practically write out your honest concerns about your life (which we all have)  and then put the most realistic steps you need to take on your to-do list, you can tell yourself that that's it! You're done worrying for the day. 

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