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Instant Kava | Control The Dosage, Control The Taste

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Time and again, we come across products that promise a mid-day reprieve from stress and anxiety, and time and again these products either come with strings attached or are simply too inconvenient to use in the modern world. Most of us don't want to turn the entire break room into a kava-grinding station or do yoga at our desks. And while pharmacological solutions are convenient, many are wary of their potential dangers. What so many are seeking to buy is a natural solution that blends 21st-century convenience with scientifically proven stress relief. Instant kava, a modern way to enjoy a time-tested remedy, does just that.



Instant kava is kava that is strained, kneaded and prepared into a tea which is then dehydrated into a powder. Simply drop a scoop of instant kava powder into any liquid and you have a quick and convenient way to enjoy kava.



Instant kava is perfect for anyone on the go or looking to enjoy the benefits of kava tea without taking the time (roughly 30 minutes) to prepare it. Whether it's a scoop in your morning smoothie or a double serving into your favorite drink at rush hour, instant kava enables you to enjoy the kava experience while you're on the go. It also packs all the punch of traditionally prepared kava and allows individuals to tweak the dosage and the flavor profile to fit their exact needs.


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Perhaps the greatest advantage of instant kava is the ability to control the exact dosage of kavalactones (the active compound that gives kava it's calming effect) in each serving simply by the scoop size. Big meeting today? Maybe you want a little extra kava to keep you centered so you can nail the pitch. Slow day? Maybe you tone it down to half your normal dosage.

 The problem with traditionally prepared kava tea is you never know the precise concentration of kavalactones in the brew. This means you may get less than you need for a big day or more than you intended on a slow day. Considering nutrition and dietary supplements are anything but a "one size fits all" solution and that every individual needs varied amounts of kavalactones to achieve the desired effect, this is a crucial problem. Instant kava solves this with standardized concentrations of kavalactones per scoop so you know exactly what you're getting every time.



If you've tried kava before and were turned off by the taste, you're not alone. Its peppery, its earthy and as you know, its potent. Instant kava turns choking down a viscous unpleasant tasting tea into an enjoyable experience. It comes in flavors like banana, vanilla and cocoa, and you can also throw instant kava into your favorite sports drink, orange juice or other tasty beverage.

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Two of my go-to recipes

1. When I know I have a full day ahead of me, I put 2 scoops of cocoa-flavored instant kava into coconut water and bring it to work. When I need an afternoon reset, I know what to reach for. 

2. After a hard workout I'll throw a scoop of instant kava into my protein shake to get the heart rate down and take the edge off any muscle and joint pain.

*Be sure not to mix instant kava at 140 degrees or higher as high temperatures destroy the kavalactones and render your kava significantly less effective.



Instant kava offers a nearly identical active ingredient profile to traditionally brewed kava. The downside? You're getting all the benefits of kava tea without the benefits of a kava ceremony. Traditional kava consumption entails getting together with friends and loved ones to enjoy the kava experience. Instant kava is for people that can't take time out of their busy day to gather friends and loved ones together for a casual 6-hour kava ceremony.

And that's ok. Life is about balance and often times about finding balance between the traditional and the modern. Instant kava has a foot in both of these doors and is there to provide a natural, time-tested approach to stress relief in a fast-paced modern world.

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