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How To Take an Idea and Make it a Reality


One of the best skills I've ever learned is how to take an idea and make it reality. Once I realized that I did have what it takes to make things happen, it was only natural that it started to trickle down into other avenues of my life, and that's where the real power lies. And these are skills that anyone can learn and practice.

All you have to do is: DO SOMETHING.

Anything. Do anything that will get you closer to your goal. However big or small, just do something. 

Lack of confidence and motivation plagues many people, dealing with the constant battle of overcoming anxietyWe spend time waiting for a sign to do something, and we spend weeks—sometimes years—on end waiting for the “right time.”

The right time narrative might tell you after you get married, then you can focus on your career. It might say that after you go to school, then you can take the plunge to move to the city you’ve always wanted to live in.

But the only right time is now.

Life is only ever happening now.

Shame, fear, and past experience are unwelcome guests in the process of inspiration and making something new. Not only can they promote other negative emotions, they can also immobilize you from acting further. 

Inspiration, action, and motivation do not work independently—they thrive when networking off of one another. Being stuck is an easy place to be and an even easier one to get comfortable in. Instead of falling into the narrative of it not being the right time, tell yourself there’s never a perfect time. You don’t have to have everything figured out, but you do have to act.

Even though doubt might come visit you, try starting with the smallest actions to get inspired. You want to write a book and don’t even know where to begin? Open a notebook and write down what’s in your head. It can be completely senseless, but it’s an action and a place to start. From there, you’ll gain confidence in moving forward. You’ll become inspired.

If you are feeling stuck, here are some tips on how to take small actions that will get you motivated:

1. Break things into small steps.

Most of the time we feel "stuck" because the thing we are hoping to accomplish feels too hard, and we are feeling overwhelmed with the thought of committing to it. 

Even with something as simple as cleaning your house, it is best to break things into small steps as a way to "trick" your brain into getting started. Oftentimes, when the house needs to be cleaned but I'm lacking motivation, I tell myself, "OK, I will clean the house for ten minutes." After that ten minutes is over, the house is noticeably in better shape, and I almost always have the motivation to keep going. Breaking things down is an excellent way to take the first step on something that is stressing you out, whether it's a day to day chore like cleaning, or something larger. 

2. Make a first draft

Another way to take the pressure off when you are feeling stressed is to tell yourself that you are just making a "draft" of whatever it is you are doing. Whether it be a school paper, your tax forms, or a speech for your friend's wedding, drafts are a great way to get you started without feeling like what you're creating needs to be perfect. More often than not, what you create ends up being pretty good, and can easily be morphed into a "final" draft. 

3. Just do it

This can be so difficult, but most of the time, when we are putting something off, the only real solution is to just do it. Doing things even when you're not in the mood to do them or not feeling "ready" to do them is what makes you a successful person. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but you will adapt to your new circumstances and look back and be so happy that you took the first step to begin.  

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