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The Lifestyle Change You Have to Make if You are Serious About Overcoming Anxiety

the lifestyle change you have to make if you are serious about overcoming anxiety

Many people search for mental and emotional causes and solutions for overcoming anxiety. But the truth is, no matter how much you work, you cannot counteract the negative effect of bad health habits on your body and mind.

Some anxiety is rooted in the food we eat, the drugs we ingest, and our lack of exercise, nothing more.

If you are serious about combatting your anxiety, you need to get real about:

  • Assessing your health habits
  • Working to make new healthy habits
  • Working to cut out bad habits or addictive behaviors

We all know that exercise is important. But for someone who struggles with anxiety, it is absolutely essential. Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and cigarettes also need to be reduced or phased out completely if you want to give yourself a real chance at overcoming your anxiety.

Create Good Habits

Breaking habits can be a very difficult and emotional thing to do.

The best way to start is to begin a good habit that makes you feel empowered and that starts to give your body the positive effects it needs.

For example, decide that you are going to refrain from social media and emails in the morning so you can take an energizing walk before work. Once you do this, breaking habits like coffee or smoking will be easier, because you will be in a better state of mind to do so.

You can also try replacing harmful habits like cigarette smoking with less harmful replacements like nicotene pills. This is a way for you to ease yourself out of an addiction without shocking your body. Here are some options for different habits you may be trying to break:

  • Cigarettes- Nicotene pills or gum like Nicorette or electronic cigarettes
  • Alcohol- Kava tea or Kava extracts
  • Caffeine- Decaf coffee (still contains enough caffeine to give you a little boost), or herbal tea. 
  • Overeating- Eating frequent, small meals, meditation, yoga.

Practice This Exercise:

Exercise! At least twice a week. Then journal about how you feel afterward, linking to the exercise from last week. Try to slowly start to implement more good habits/break more bad habits week by week.


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