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The Truth About Multi-Tasking

The truth about multitasking

Why is it that we think we get more done when we're in a multi-tasking frenzy?

We think it's good for our productivity, but really it's just a trick played on us by our know-it-all brains. 

The very act of multitasking actually lights up the parts of our brains that makes us feel and think as if we're getting loads done. It somehow feels good when we give ourselves more than we can handle.

And those of us who consider ourselves to be efficient multi-taskers, actually are not. 

In fact, for most of us, mutitasking results in a 40% decrease in productivity. Yep. A whopping 40%! When we're in the throes of multi-tasking, the majority of us make more mistakes and take longer to complete our work.

What's more, the act of long-term multitasking has a negative effect on stress and anxiety, as well as short term memory.

So, the next time, you start opening up a bunch of browsers on your computer, think again. If you focus on the project at hand, you will no doubt make fewer mistakes, get more done in a smaller amount of time, and ultimately stress less.

The benefits of single-pointed awareness are many. Be mindful with your work, and you'll live a happier, healthier, and more productive life. 

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Breana Charles

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